What Happens? The launch process

Our Property Managers, Matthew and Donna have a wealth of experience, collectively gained over ten years with Best of Suffolk.  They will lead you through the process from your initial enquiry right through to your first guests arriving.

Matthew and Donna are also responsible for the property for the first three months of lettings and will work with you and the whole team to ensure we are achieving the projected income agreed in your initial meeting.

When could you start marketing our property?

This could be next week or next year; basically when we mutually agree that Best of Suffolk is the right marketing agency for you and the property meets the expectations ready for our guests.  If your property is fully furnished already this can be a matter of days however, if it’s a building site (and we’re happy to give advise with a hard hat on!) then it’s likely to take a little longer!

As soon as we receive a signed marketing agreement from you we will send you links to:-

  • Property Launch Document – essentially a trading agreement between both parties securing dates for your own usage; booking arrangements such as offering short breaks out of season to increase your occupancy (something we’ll discuss with you); details for your bespoke web page and critically your bank details so we can pay you!
  • Welcome Folder – this questionnaire enables us to produce a smart and informative Welcome Folder for your guests, personalised by you so they can enjoy the property and surroundings with the benefit of your experience.
  • Essential Guide – This has been built up over the past eleven years to provide an extremely valuable guide, exclusively for our clients, to ensure that your property is in the best possible place to achieve maximum income.

What’s the procedure?

Having lead you to the point of a complete and perfect holiday rental property we will arrange for a full set of professional photos to be taken.  At this point we will write an inviting and factual description of your property, draw a floor plan and agree a price plan which will enable us to create your bespoke web page.  Your holiday home will be ‘launched’ on our website within 48 hours with a marketing plan to ensure that your property is in the best possible position to start earning a healthy income for you.

What legal requirements are?

There are surprisingly few legal requirements for furnished holiday rentals however, in the interests of comfort and due diligence, we require the following:-

  • In addition to the standard building and contents insurance you’ll need insurance for paying guests which includes public liability insurance of at least £2,000,000
  • Portable Appliance Test (PAT) – to ensure that any portable appliance which is over two years old is safe – this is valid for two years.
  • Periodic Electrical Test (PET) – to ensure that the wiring in the property is safe – this is valid for five years.
  • Gas Safety Certificate – only if the property has gas of course! This is valid for a year
  • Boiler service annually – a preventative measure to save on any expensive call outs
  • Carbon Monoxide detector
  • Smoke detector
Will my holiday home be looked after?
Yes.  We will introduce you to a couple of independent housekeepers who can manage your property and guest requirements for you; giving you the opportunity of choosing who you are most comfortable with.  Whilst the housekeeper will work for you we will manage the relationship in terms of guest requirements and they will invoice you on a weekly or monthly basis.
We will take a Good Housekeeping Deposit (GHD) for each booking to a value agreed between us, a minimum of £100.  The housekeeper will advise us of any loss or damage so that we can retain this deposit for you and refund any costs incurred to make good.  We are fortunate to market some of the best properties in Suffolk and attract charming guests who will respect and enjoy your property so it is rare.  We do not experience any malicious damage or theft however there will obviously be some accidental damage which we will manage for you and ensure that you, and the guests, are happy with the outcome.